Day 19 – Lamb and Yummmmm

27 Jul

Today was my favorite day so far because it involved my favorite protein – lamb. Ian and I were partners and, as usual, it was a lot of fun!  Chef Peter demo’d a stuffed lamb leg, featured below.   Delicious.

Then, we started on our lamb stew with cocottes of turnips, carrots and potatoes, along with some pearl onions glacer a brun (to glaze until caramel in color), and peas and string beans, of course. It was a fast start and we had 5 different pans going at once. Quite exciting. Anne was solo’ing it today and did a pretty darn good job for having to cook several things in several different pans by herself. This is the final product: 

Then, it was onto “lamb lollipops”. The dish was grilled lamb chops with a vegetable ragout (actually, ratatouille) and roasted garlic butter. That dish is the featured picture at the top of the page, and Ian is eating a lollipop, below. Apparently, I chose the perfect partner today, as he grilled them perfectly to rare with lovely grill marks on the outside, as lamb should be had. This was quite possibly the best dish we’ve made to date. Well done, Ian!

I don’t have time to type the lamb lollipop recipe now, but I will post it later this week. I have to play with more food tonight in preparation for our practical exam tomorrow. Happy eating!

3 Responses to “Day 19 – Lamb and Yummmmm”

  1. Shannon July 27, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    OMG – the lamb lollipops with roasted garlic butter look unbelievable…!
    And no worries, you will ace the practicum mañana :o)

  2. Jocelyn July 27, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    Again, everything looks yummy. Lamb is my favorite, too!!

    Good luck on your test. I know you will pass with flying colors.

    We are having dinner with your MIL tonight – looking forward to that!!


  3. Bee Leng Chua July 27, 2011 at 6:35 am #

    OMG, beef, pork, and lamb – even this half baked vegetarian is drooling. Every dish looks quite inviting and beautiful. However, for this meat, “love” is written all over in the way each dish looks. I’d like the recipe for the stew. Although Mike, my husband will never confess, lamb stew is a favorite for him. Thanks for the temptation!
    Bee Leng

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