Day 32 – Nutrition (and bacon?)

16 Aug

Today was the first of two days on nutrition. Really, nutritious French food? I guess it depends on your definition of nutritious. The recipe we made today indeed had no butter in it, but it had huge bacon lardons in it (as seen in the picture above), and the bacon was cooked in with the lentils, as well. The lentils were delicious.

For me, the recipe was a chance to clean another whole fish and to pan fry the fillets to try get a crispy skin on one side. It was pretty successful. The recipe itself had too many components, I think. I’m not sure the curry on the fish went with the horseradish-mustard-apple dressing around the sides of the plate and the lentils underneath. Just too much going on. Nonetheless, it was good practice!

Tomorrow is Nutrition #2 with a few more recipes to execute. I have to ask why on some days we only do one recipe and we have all kinds of time to do something else (and I wish that we would), when the next day we’re going way too fast to execute properly, as we need to get through 4 recipes? Wouldn’t it make more sense to do 2 recipes on each day?

Anyway, short blog post today. I have to study the SafeServ book for the test next week. And, I need to sleep. Today was rough; I had a migraine that started last night and continued until about 4:30 p.m. today. Thank you Tomas and Bobbie for working with me today; it helped a lot! Looking forward to feeling good in the kitchen tomorrow 🙂

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