Day 58 – Bass en papillote, an Italian-style dinner, and purple cauliflower

22 Sep

As mentioned yesterday, I cooked fish en papillote (parchment paper) today. Anne got the salmon and Rachelle and I got the striped bass for our fishes. I wish we would have had the chance to fillet this sea bass that Level 5 got today:

Nonetheless, our dishes were spectacular with salmon and striped bass and this is one of my favorite dishes we have made so far in the program. We made it on Day 12, as well, and circled around to make it as practice for our midterm. See Days 10 and 12 in this blog for the recipe components: tomato fondue, mushroom duxelles, the vegetable garnishes and the fish.

The picture above at top is how it should look after it’s opened at the table. The following two pictures are stages of cooking: the first is after it is baked in a 450 degree F oven for 9 minutes – the paper should be a bit brown and puffed up, and the second is after the fish is first put in parchment paper prior to it going in the oven.

This was my lunch. And, my dinner was a leftover + what’s-in-my-CSA-box-that-I can-throw-in-a-pan dinner. It was quite healthy, super easy, and delicious. It would be good over quinoa or pasta, but I ate it straight, no starch.

I first carmelized some onions and some red and yellow peppers from last week’s CSA box. I followed those with some tomatoes from today’s box, and threw in some old mushrooms, roasted chicken I made on Sunday, cured black olives, capers, fresh spinach, dried and ground New Mexico chile, some vegie stock, a little salt, and a couple splashes of balsamic. I stewed that all for 10 minutes after I carmelized the onions and peppers, and added fresh basil after I took it off the heat. Simple, fresh, ultra healthy (no butter allowed or needed; olive oil is the key here), and tasty.

Here’s what I found in my CSA box today. Love the purple cauliflower. The strawberries are still ridiculously good. Life is grande.

Ahhh, now I can chill and watch some bad t.v. prior to studying just a bit for tomorrow’s mid-term. Then, off to bed by 10, hopefully.

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