Day 109: No school today; lots of fresh ginger tea, oj/cranberry juice mix and chicken broth

3 Dec

Yesterday, I was feeling achey and I had a sniffy nose, but I was hoping it would pass.  Not so, and it got worse overnight so I stayed home from school today.  Unfortunately, our class seems to be passing around some sort of “cold.”  It’s that time of year, I know. But, I’m bummed as we’re so close to graduation. It would be great if we could all finish on a high note and have everyone confident and healthy.  Unfortunately, there’s no “make-up” in another class, because there’s not another class close enough behind us to make up the particular class we miss.   So, to make up for now only having 1 day of practice on the calamari dish before the final exam, it looks like I’ll be buying several ingredients and practicing at home!   Good thing I like calamari 🙂

So, how have I been eating today?  Minimally.  I believe when you’re sick that your body doesn’t need to work hard at digestion when it should be using all of its energy to heal what ails it.  I agree that food can be healing, but I think it has to be the “right” food and in the right quantities so as not to interfere with the healing.  My food today:  lots of fresh ginger steeped in hot water with a pinch of Potrero Hill honey (yummy local honey near me), organic orange juice mixed with unsweetened cranberry juice, a banana, and Carnet’s homemade chicken broth (thawed, as we keep quarts frozen for times like these).  No meat (just broth), low fat, lots of liquid = healing faster.  The body has to work harder to digest full cuts of proteins and fats, especially if you don’t chew them a lot before you swallow them.   I think my diet today is helping.

I am still dreaming about cooking, though, so that’s a good sign.  Looking forward to getting back in the kitchen on Monday!

6 Responses to “Day 109: No school today; lots of fresh ginger tea, oj/cranberry juice mix and chicken broth”

  1. Shannon December 3, 2011 at 1:22 am #

    Wish I could bring you some sweet potato roles stuffed with turkey, gravy and cranberry/calvados relish….
    Get well soon!

  2. Shannon December 3, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    I meant ‘rolls’…. :o)
    Although playing a potato might be intriguing….

  3. Bee Leng Chua December 3, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    You’re doing all the right things to get better. Hope that you’re well on the mend and ready to get back to the learning with thrice the energy and good health.
    Bee Leng

  4. Bev December 3, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    Hi Rachel – Hope you’re feeling better. . . . baby yourself. No worries about the calamari, I have a hunch that you could make it in your sleep.
    Take care and hugs

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