Mex food night and a quick braised greens recipe that’s awesome

8 Jan

The other day when I said 2012 food has not been that exciting so far, of course I meant with the exception of going to Shan’s for Mexican night! Above, her lovely table and the food. The menu: Likikoi margaritas (the best I’ve ever had) rimmed with li hing mui; marinated and grilled tuna on corn tortillas; grilled chicken skewers; Mex rice; a salad of black beans, hearts of palm and mango; and chili rellenos. Below is a closer look at the rellenos. Shannon loves to fry, and she’s great at it. She never uses a thermometer and her fried food always comes out stunningly crisp and not greasy. There’s no magic here, just lots of experience. She knows her stove temperatures and when to drop the items in and take them out.

I loved her really simple salad of black beans, hearts of palm and fresh mango. It was dressed with a hint of lime and cilantro. The sweetness of the mango worked with the marinated hearts of palm really well.

Onto a recipe from last night’s meal… after a beautiful sunset and Mai Tai at the Elk’s Club (below):

Last night, I topped the gumbo a la Rachel with some braised kale (1 bunch green, 1 bunch purple). I’ve always been a fan of kale, collards, and chard. After so many years of preparing them, I’m trying to find new ways to enjoy them. Have that bottle of Martinelli’s left over from New Year’s eve? This recipe is a great way to use it! Any apple cider will do, but preferably one with no added sugar as you don’t want to overdo the sugar.

Here’s the braised greens recipe (serves 4): Take 2 bunches of your favorite cooking greens and throw them in a large pot along with 2 cups of apple cider, 1 cup chicken stock, and a large pinch of salt if your chicken stock has no salt (otherwise, you don’t really need the salt). Turn the burner on high and steam/braise the greens for a few minutes until wilted, but not “dead”. You want to preserve some of the great vitamins and fiber in them. Take them out with tongs and place on top of your favorite stew or protein, or use as a side. E voila! The sweetness of the cider compliments the earthiness and slight bitterness of the greens. So easy and delicious.

Up to Gigi and Suzanne’s tonight for dinner. Gigi always makes these individual chocolate molten lava cakes that are to die for. Can’t wait for dessert!

3 Responses to “Mex food night and a quick braised greens recipe that’s awesome”

  1. Bee Leng Chua January 8, 2012 at 7:57 pm #

    Although you’ve graduated, really glad that you’re keeping the blog Salty Apron alive with your personal foodie journey!
    You’re giving me a lot of ideas too!
    Thanks for your continuing inspiration to be joyful about food.
    Bee Leng

  2. rachelogdie January 8, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Thanks, Bee Leng! Happy New Year to you. I plan to continue to blog through my journeys in Spain, which will start in late February.

  3. Bee Leng Chua January 12, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    Hi Rachel,

    Just asking if there is an age restriction about reading your blogs. Darwin is a 13 year foodie in Hawaii studying at Punahou. He loves food, eating (looks like a rail), very discerning about good food. He is a friend’s son and I am encouraging him to blog about what he eats when out. Could you invite his mother – Darouny Hu to your blog and she could read your blogs with him. It will inspire him about expressing his food experience. Can she sign up? BTW, her husband’s family has a Thai restaurant on King’s Road.

    Thanks, Bee Leng

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