Butterfish, sashimi plates and another fine sunset

10 Jan

Oh how I love fresh sashimi. We went to our old standby last night – Yanagi. There are better places in town but Yanagi serves up consistently fresh sashimi, the service is excellent and fast, and it’s kind of a tradition the night or two before Carnet flies out somewhere. So, mom, Carnet and I went to see another fabulous sunset first (below) and then ate WAY too much food.

The pic above is not even all of the food we ate. We were ridiculous, I know. I am going to note that we had a few leftovers for breakfast to make myself feel better. I love the pic of my mom, below. She looks like she ate the cat!

I captured a series of funny faces she made while eating sushi, but this gives you an idea. She is a very expressive lady and she makes me laugh. One of the great things about her is that she loves to laugh, as well, and we’re both very good at laughing at each other and ourselves. So, cheers to you, mom!

Today’s lunch: I made bison burgers with red peppers and onions and then stuffed each with a nickel size of stinky blue cheese. I put them in lettuce wraps with a honey mustard smear. Perfect contrast of crunchy lettuce and creamy blue cheese, and a good lean/fat ratio between the bison and cheese. Now, off for a midday swim to burn some of it off. Hopefully, it will all stay in my belly, as I’m not adhering to the rule that you should stay out of the water for an hour after you eat. Wish me luck!

One Response to “Butterfish, sashimi plates and another fine sunset”

  1. Lucinda B January 10, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    Fabulous to see a pic of your Mom. I can still hear her throaty, infectious laugh. Cheers to you all!

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