Miami: stone crab and friends

30 Jan

I’ve been lame over the past couple of weeks as I’ve been on some more fun adventures seeing family and friends. No pictures of food, although that’s not for a lack of some excellent meals.

I left Miami and the Freeman clan this a.m. after a fun 5 days. I mostly cooked, but last night Carnet and Free took over. The result: a fabulous dinner of champagne, stone crabs, sausages, cauliflower rice with bacon, a chunky “fridge” salad (everything in the fridge that could possibly go on a salad), and some super decadent chocolate cupcakes and a carrot cake. I love the men in my life who cook!

Back to Honolulu right now to clear out of the house, then to SF for a few weeks, then off to Barcelona on February 24. Mark and I are planning our adventures and working on stages/externships. Stay tuned for more fun eating in SF over the next few weeks and then daily adventures in Spain!

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