Montserrat… one drink at that altitude and you are done.

14 Mar

Today through my expert navigating skills, Rachel and I went to Montserrat, a mountain with a monastery about an hour by train out of Barcelona.  We really had no idea what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised.  We had to take a cable car up, which was made by the krauts in the 1930’s so I wasn’t too worried about it breaking.


(view from the top)

We got to the top, and just started to explore.  We found a trail head and decided to take a hike, turned about to be about 2 hours in total, but we got to a nice vista and enjoyed our croissant ham and cheese sandwiches that we purchased earlier from our local shop in the barrio.  


(navigating during the hike)

After surviving our hike, we enjoyed a nice cold beer while doing some good people watching, our favorites were some German high school kids by far.  There were also some locals selling a variety of cheeses, honey, and other trinkets if you are interested in that sort of stuff.  Highly recommend going if you have the chance, I know i’ll be back!


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