My last 2 nights at Osmosis and eating at Tickets

3 Jul

My last day at Osmosis was Friday, June 29. Frederic cooked a beautiful family meal with some of the best beef I’ve tasted in Spain – perfectly marbled, seared on the outside, rare on the inside. I’m such a meat eater! My last week was a blast and my last night was the busiest of them all, with around 50 people seated within an hour. We had a table of 16, which means it’s a challenge to get hot plates to everyone all at the same time. But, we did it.

The last week’s menu was as follows (with the Lamb confit dish featured at top – yummmmm):

Following are the pictures of the plates, minus the fish dish (I can’t seem to find that pic).

The potato cream with crayfish and jamon iberico:

This is a very easy recipe:

Boil some waxy, not starchy potatoes, until they are fork-tender but not falling apart. Leave the skins on. Then, put them in a very hot pan with hot olive oil and roast until they are brown. Take all roasted potatoes and throw them in a thermomix (or good food processor) with some heavy cream, some chicken stock, a little butter, and a little salt and pepper until you get a thick soup consistency. Put all through a chinois or china cap. This step is important, as it you want the soup to be smooth and you’ll only get it this way by straining out the potato skins.

Then, either keep the soup warm for service or put in fridge until you’re ready to re-heat and serve. You might need to adjust/thin out the consistency with more stock. Just before service, get the grill hot and throw on some raw crayfish that are de-shelled. Cook until just under-done. They will continue to cook when you take them off the heat and also put them in the hot soup. So, don’t overcook.

Add 2 crayfish to the middle of each bowl of soup. Add some finely diced iberico ham or cured meat around the crayfish. Top with your favorite micro green or herb, more fresh cracked pepper and a drizzle of your favorite, very good extra virgin olive oil (this is not the one you use for cooking).

Carnet notes that this is an extremely rich dish, which is true. So, it might benefit from some sort of acid in it.

The rice with foie gras, candied ginger, asparagus and baby squash:

The cheese plate with 3 different marmalades (delicious!):

Dessert #1 – the Pina colada, which is pineapple sorbet over pineapple-rum “soup”, served with baby coconut macaroons, fresh grated and dried coconut, and a spray of rum:

Finally, tres chocolates (but I forgot to take a pic before I ate the first bite, which was baileys ice cream over crushed mocha cookies):

Here’s the crew, including another stage and 3 servers, minus Nacho, who is the other owner of Osmosis:

Here’s Little John (sous chef) and Chef Frederic in the kitchen:

And, here’s Frederic, C and me, on Saturday night. I didn’t work that night, as C flew in, so Frederic treated us to dinner in our own private room, with scrumptious wine pairings which Nacho put together. Fantastic!

Muchas gracias, Frederic, Nacho y John, para todo. He aprendido mucho y fue muy divertido!

Going back a few days, Thursday night, I went to Tickets which is an Albert Adria restaurant. My friend Diana gathered 8 of us and it was a 5 hour dinner! The company was perfect. Everyone was so interesting, so different, and incredibly nice. The food was super fun, some even whimsical, and most of it was excellent (very few items were just “good”). People try to get into Tickets 6 months in advance, but Diana called Quim and asked for a favor, so we were all very lucky. And, it was nice that Albert came to speak to our table at the end of the meal.

I won’t post all of the pics from dinner, as there are too many. I’ll just post some highlights. First, the menu cover and what the restaurant looks like inside:

Next, the really fun “olives” made by spherification. They weren’t really olives, but rather a thin membrane over liquid that tasted like green olives.

Spherification is a process through which a liquid is mixed with sodium alginate, and dripped into a cold solution of calcium chloride or calcium carbonate. Reverse spherification, for use with substances which contain calcium, requires dripping the substance into an alginate bath. Both methods give the same result: a sphere of liquid held by a thin gel membrane, texturally similar to caviar. The modern adaptation of this technique to food was developed by Ferran and Albert Adria.

At Tickets, the spherification technique was also used for the olive oil and other liquid “caviars” and pearls that were served atop the oysters and other tapas. You’ll see more, below.

The oysters were good, but I thought were more visually stunning than they tasted, other than the pearl itself, which was filled with seawater. But, then again, I’m a picky oyster eater, and I’m remembering fondly the weekend earlier this year when Bob and Steph flew into SF and 4 of us (C,too) went oyster eating in Tomales Bay. Yummmm.

The aged beef was beautiful, as was the lobster, both in appearance and taste.

Yep, we eat the coral and roe and all in Spain.

The smoked sardines were great and again, I loved the presentation:

But, by far my two favorite dishes of the evening where the navajas (razor clams) and the “cheese puffs with olive oil caviar”. Wow, wow, wow. Both in appearance – the plates were perfect – and taste, these knocked my socks off. Here they are:

The desserts didn’t blow me away, but that’s hard to do these days 😉

But, the company more than made up for that. Here’s the crew, with Mariane holding up the bonita chips.

And, Diana and me:

Yep, my life is grande!

Tonight, I’m off with dad, Maren and C to roam and see what food we can find…something a little more simple, I think.

Buen Provecho!

4 Responses to “My last 2 nights at Osmosis and eating at Tickets”

  1. Diana July 3, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Rachel, Ticket’s night was really magical: the food sublime and the company divine.

  2. Shannon July 4, 2012 at 2:59 am #

    My mouth is watering looking at the rice with foie gras dish…. wow.
    Give my love to Carnet, Al and Maren! Wish I were still there…. :o)

  3. carnet July 4, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    Oh yum! What restaurant is next? I’m gonna gain 10 pounds for sure.

  4. Cara July 12, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    The food looks amazing and I love the presentation!What an amazing adventure – good for you!

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