Day 111: Banana tart (round 2) and sushi with friends

7 Dec

Today, was the last day on patissier prior to the final exam.  I was on banana tart.  I am getting much faster at both making pastry shells and rolling them out, although I don’t think I’ve yet dialed in on the perfect pastry crust. Hopefully, one day I’ll get there!  Don’t have much to add about school today, other than I busted out the components of the banana tart pretty quickly and without issue.  So, hopefully, if that is one of the dishes I pull for the final, it will go smoothly then, as well.

Tonight, I went to sushi at Kiji ( with friends – thanks, Chris, for the introduction to a new sushi restaurant!  Sashimi always makes me happy (and it’s not just because I usually have sake with it).  There’s something so simple and elegant about a very fresh, raw piece of fish cut perfectly. Yet, in that simplicity is greatness.  Kiji did a mean poke, with a little kick of spice to it.  They also had some interesting rolls. But, I think my favorites were the hirami carpaccio and the fresh scallop.

So much more fun eating coming up!  This Friday, Mark and I are going to a bbq and bourbon place that opened up in the Mission, recently.  Then, the following weekend my “two little brothers” (Mark and Bobbie) and I are going to Calistoga and Napa to do some x-mas shopping for Bobbie’s parents – yes, wine.  Not sure what evening restaurants we’ll check out but I know on Sunday morning I’m having SolBar’s house cured smoked salmon – it is the best I have ever tasted, anywhere.  I am so in love with that salmon that every time I’ve had breakfast there, that’s what I get.  Carnet threw a birthday weekend extravaganza for me – I mean a birthday bash to put to shame all other bashes – at Solage 2 years ago, and each morning we ate at SolBar I had that salmon.  It almost brings tears to my eyes at how good it is.  Now, if the chef or pastry chef could do something about that awful bagel they make and serve with it, it might be the perfect dish.  Then, graduation night, it’s off to Sons & Daughters. I haven’t been, so I’m excited to try.  Hopefully, Carnet will be able to stay awake for an 8:45 p.m. reservation after he flies from Tokyo to San Francisco that day to arrive just in time for graduation.

Then, home for Christmas on which we usually have prime rib and ham.  I know Busaba will want me to cook after this past 6 months of learning new techniques, but anyone is hard pressed to dry age and cook a prime rib better than my husband. So, I think I’ll stay out of his domaine and come up with some complimentary sides and dessert.

Off to bed with visions of….dancing in my head.

4 Responses to “Day 111: Banana tart (round 2) and sushi with friends”

  1. chris December 7, 2011 at 7:14 am #

    Look fwd to Carnets review of Kiji! And am I missing something with cured salmon? Is that the same as smoked? Pls educate me!

  2. chris December 7, 2011 at 7:16 am #

    ack – I misread your blog first time – you were talking about smoked salmon. That is one thing I dont think I’ve ever had a spectacular version of. And you think you would with salmon coming from BC (one province over)

  3. carnet December 7, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Oh yum… Sushi! I’m definitely going to hit up Sushi when I get to Tokyo next week!

  4. Bev December 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    Graduation night – heavenly! What else is heavenly? . . . . Ian and I will be able to enjoy your holiday dinner – cannot wait!! So glad that you are feeling better. We will be sending good thoughts your way for your last final.

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