Day 118: Goulash, “stuffing” dumplings, and Perfect Edge Cutlery

16 Dec

I have to say my favorite things about this last week of culinary school have been the “off” menu items Chefs Udo and Jae have taught us/made for us.  Today, Chef Udo made some nice and spicy goulash and some sort of dumpling made of bread (forgot the German name) that resembled stuffing mix when being made.  That was our class lunch and it was delicious!

I also really enjoyed our speakers today at the school holiday party.  The theme was sustainability.  The first speaker was one of the principles at Fogline Farm (, an organic farm in Soquel, near Santa Cruz.  I appreciate all the thought that the 3 young men who started the company have put into raising their meats and fruits and vegetables.  Caleb at Fogline showed us so many pictures of their cute baby pigs.  I want one, but then I’d just have to butcher it and that might be hard for me after viewing it as a pet.  The second speaker was from Royal Hawaiian Seafood and she spoke about overfishing and ocean pollution, the dire statistics that go along with those, and the pros and cons of aquaculture.  Very informative, and the tasty treats along with the sparkling wine were terrific!

Then, it was off to Perfect Edge Cutlery in San Mateo to do some knife shopping.  Chef Peter introduced our class to the store and I think just about every one of us has visited it.  It’s like Disney Land for chefs.  I had a great time learning about all the different types and brands of knives they carry and how to determine which types (namely German v. Japanese) are right for me.  I picked up a German paring knife and a Japanese Chef’s knife, as well as a ceramic “steel”.  Now, I just have to be less of a klutz and make sure I don’t drop the ceramic steel.  Can’t wait to try them out tomorrow!

Off to bed for me.  Tomorrow is the last class before Monday’s final.  I’m both sad that it will end so soon, and I’m ready for my next adventure!

One Response to “Day 118: Goulash, “stuffing” dumplings, and Perfect Edge Cutlery”

  1. Bev December 16, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Hi Rachel – sounds like a wonderful day.
    We will think of you on Monday – don’t worry, you’ll be magnificent! Specially in our eyes. We look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

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