Day 119 – Last day prior to the final, some fun with the boys, and a new knife!

17 Dec

I love my new Kikuichi slicer! It was a present from Bobbie and Mark. Ahhhh, so nice of them. But, you’re not suppose to gift knives because it severs the bond between the knife and the knife owner. So, I had to give them each $1 in exchange for my Christmas gift. The knife is so sleek and beautiful!

So, last night instead of playing with my knife all night, I decided we should go try a new BBQ place in the Mission – Southpaw BBQ. As Mark said, “no bueno”. It was terrible. Super dry ribs, mediocre-at-best pulled pork, lots of sauces none of which were spectacular, and Bobbie didn’t like our server as she didn’t know anything about Bourbon. The restaurant was packed with hipsters who apparently know nothing about BBQ or Bourbon according to my Kentucky friend. And, they didn’t have Woodford Reserve. So, that was a bust. But, I still have a beautiful knife!

Hopefully, today we’ll find some much tastier morsels in Napa/Calistoga/St. Helena. We’re going wine tasting and then lounging at my favorite place to stay. It’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday in Norcal and my life is amazing. I’m blessed.

Update to my last blog: The bread “stuffing” balls that Chef Udo made are called Knodel. There’s suppose to be an umlaut above the “o”. Thanks for the correction, Chef Udo!

Monday is reckoning day. Hopefully, our relaxing weekend will translate into a not-as-stressful-as-I-think Monday!

2 Responses to “Day 119 – Last day prior to the final, some fun with the boys, and a new knife!”

  1. Christine Traulich December 17, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    Congratulations on reaching the end of such a great journey! Good luck on Monday and enjoy your sunny weekend. Big hugs, xo

  2. Julia December 18, 2011 at 12:55 am #

    Hey Rachel, it’s Julia Maher! We met helping Chef Tomm last weekend at Williams-Sonoma. I love your blog, I wish I had the patience to articulate all my thoughts and experiences as well as you do. I’ll definitely bookmark your site :]

    Anyways, good luck on your final on Monday, you’ll kick ass, I’m sure. And do let me know what ends up happening with going to Spain and all that!

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